Thursday, December 06, 2007

Wow, has it really been nearly a year? And in that year my life has been flipped upside down and back around again. The next few blogs are going to just be catching up on lost time... We'll start from where we left off and see how far we get...

After surgery, it went very well by the way, we decided to start trying for another baby. That very first try we hit the nail on the head. We found out March 16th we were expecting! I was so excited I made Spencer a little "big brother" shirt. The very next day we told our parents and the very next day after that our world came crashing down. I had started to miscarry.

Spencer was such a healthy baby with absolutely no complications in our pregnancy that I had no idea this could happen. I was 24, healthy... it was a fluke. It must have been. Assuming this was just a one time occurrence, we decided we would probably need a bigger house for this soon to be bigger family. In May we put our house on the market and soon realized that we had gotten ourselves into an awful second loan on our mortgage. It was interest only and if we sold our house before 5 years we would have massive charges. So after picking out another house, putting money down on it, and falling in love with it, we decided to stay where we were.

That being decided, we started making plans for home improvement. We were going to tile the kitchen countertops & backsplash as well as rip out almost all of our flooring & put in laminate wood flooring.

Meanwhile, we found out June 17th that we were expecting yet again. Assuming the last time was a fluke, we were expecting a healthy pregnancy this time around. Wrong. Two weeks later, I started to spot & once again, my heart was breaking... That day was July 4th. I don't think I'll ever be able to celebrate that day in the same way again.