Thursday, May 06, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Girl...

2 years ago today my little (9 pound 4 ounce) lady came into this world. From the moment she was born, she was the sweetest, quietest, easiest, most adorable baby. But all that has changed! She's 2 now and as big a talker as her brother was at this age. She is turning into quite the little diva and she knows it! The other day she was yelling at Spencer because he had a toy she wanted, stopped and said, "I being mean." She can still be the sweetest little girl despite her diva-ish ways. She loves to give people "squishes" (hugs, but if you say "hug" she won't give it to you. It has to be a "squish." She loves Sesame Street, her baby dolls & anything pink. Who knew I would end up with such a little girly girl?
1 day old
1 year old
2 years old