Thursday, July 10, 2008

Average Baby!

So yesterday we went into the doctor for Tatum's 2 month check up and vaccinations. After being weighed and measured I asked the nurse how she measured up compared to other babies her age. She said she'd chart it and let the doctor tell me. A few minutes later the doctor comes in and I ask if she's big for her age. He says, "actually, she's about 50th percentile." I look down at the chart amazed because I was sure she was pretty big. Then I look up with a smile and say, "too bad she's only 2 months old & not 4!" They had
charted her at 4 months. So I guess it's safe to say my baby is average for a baby twice her age. :) Ridiculous. He moved the charting over and turns out she's off the weight & height charts for her age.

We found out the "heat rash" we thought she had is actually seborrhea. So we've gotta put hydrocordizone cream all over her face twice daily for 10 days. Very sad. Apparently it's a skin condition similar to eczema but doesn't respond to moisturizing. It looks like a red bumpy rash but the tell-tale sign is how rough it feels to touch. Hopefully this will work out and she'll have her super soft baby face again.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Fourth of July Weekend!

We had so much this weekend! We spent Friday evening in Stayton with my parents & lil' bro, Andrew, after watching the annual Fourth of July Parade. It totally rocks! When I was 13, my cousin and I were actually in it. Not planned though. As one of the cool convertibles were driving by we told them they should have some girls in the back waving... So they said hop in. Funtimes. Anyway, Spencer was not a fan at first and didn't want to run into the street to get the candy as they threw it. He had no problem waving, but didn't really want to get out of his seat. I guess we taught him a little too well about not running into the street. Fortunately there was this cute little boy a few feet down, probably around 5ish, that kept coming over and bringing Spencer candy. His parents taught him to be quite a polite little man!

Afterwards we headed over to my parents' house and we had a lovely bbq and set off some fireworks. We started off small with some snakes. Turns out snakes were a lot cooler when I was a kid, and looks a little like poo now. We spent far too much time staring at the ugliness coming out of the ground and I'm pretty sure Tony burned his fingers more than a few times on the really old lighter my dad found in the back of a drawer somewhere. We had gotten a buy one get one free pack, which ended up being 8 packs of snakes! So we had to get our moneys worth! I always remember these being my mom's favorite fireworks, but I really cannot see why! Gross.

Later, Mom, Dad, Tatum, Spencer, Uncle Andy & I sat on the porch as Tony lit the fireworks. Spencer was a little worried that Daddy's face would catch fire, but he soon was calling out the colors he saw and started calling some of them popcorn. All in all, I'm pretty sure Spencer had a good time. Tatum on the other hand, spent half the time giving Grandma Mac a hard time. I don't think she was a fan of all the noises. I guess it makes up for her sleeping through the entire parade!

Uncle Andy, as always, enjoyed his time hanging out with Spencer. He's such a cute Uncle... He'll make a great daddy one day.

So today Tatum turned 2 months old! So here we have her lovely photo with puppy as well as a shot with the cutest little face doing tummy time. I can't tell quite yet, but it looks like her eyes are going to go green like Tony's. I'm so excited!
She's starting to have quite an adorable personality as well! I finally got a good shot of her smiling today! I feel bad that I hadn't gotten one already, but here she is! Recognize that outfit? Yup, that would be Spencer's . It was too cute not to have her wear it even though it's blue. To me she still looks very girly. She's got such long lashes. I don't know where she gets them from, since mine awful short & stubby. Some say that all babies have them, but I never remember Spencer's being so long and lovely. :) My mom thinks she looks just like me. Except of course those gorgeous dimples, she definitely got those from Daddy! She is gonna be such a beautiful lady. Guess we'll have to put her in a nunnery!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Let's Play Catch Up Cuz I'm a Slacker!

Oh snap! It's been over a month hasn't it? Wow, I guess I've been choosing to nap instead of blog while the kids are sleeping during the week. Let's see what's happened since then?

Tatum turned one month way back in June and I decided to take pictures of her next to her puppy every month to see how big she grows. Here's her one monther...
I can't believe that this weekend she will be 2 months already! I know it's cliche, but time really does fly, especially if you're not paying attention...

Next up came Father's Day. It started off with me having wicked heartburn, so much so that I woke up and made Tony breakfast in bed. Spencer helped.
We then spent the day hanging out and then went over to my brother's house for some TASTY brisket! It is officially my new favorite meat! My niece Ryllie was absolutely infatuated with Tatum and wanted to hold her all day.
Them we went outside before we parted ways for some family photos...
Good times had by all! I can't believe my Spencer has grown so much! Just look at him! Ridiculousness... He is becoming such a sweet big brother. He is always protecting Tatum. One day one of his little friends was trying to give her a kiss and Spencer stiff-armed her saying, "No! That's my baby Tatum!" Kind of mean, but you should have seen it, way cute.

So I keep remembering certain shots I took of Spencer when he was a baby and I keep wanting to do the same with Tatum at the same age to compare. Here's one that I thought of... both in their little swings... Spencer is actually a couple weeks older in this photo, but you'd never know with my chunky monkeys.

Everyone says how similar Spencer & Tatum look, but to me they look completely different. Tatum may resemble Spencer when her eyes are shut, but as soon as she opens them she looks completely different. She has these big beautiful, blue/green eyes right now. Here she is right after bath time, which happens to be one of her favorite times. She never as calm as she is when she's sitting in the water. And seeing as she's been getting plenty of baths lately she's been rather content. She has a terrible case of heat rash all over her face & head so I'm constantly trying to keep her clean and cool. And since everytime I leave her with Tony she cries and sweats it just keeps spreading. I don't know what it is. He is such a good daddy, but as soon as I'm out of the house, she lets him have it! Way to stay strong Tony...

I'm sure they're still changing colors, but I can't help but stare at them whenever they're open...
Let's see, what else has happened? Tony took this week off and we went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium yesterday. Spencer spent the entire time we were there asking to see the sharks. It was super cute. As soon as we saw the sharks, he was like, okay, what else is there? By then we'd seen everything there was to see, but Spencer wasn't ready to be done. He was so excited, but Tatum slept through the entire event.

Which catches us up to today. After our roadtrip to the coast yesterday we decided to lay low today. We cleaned the house and just hung out. This evening we decided it was a nice night to roast some smores. This was Spencer's first time and he loved it! After his first smore he didn't want to eat anymore, he just wanted to roast the mallow in his safari hat.

So I guess that about sums up the last month. I promise I'll be more diligent about posting to keep everyone up to date. I guess the month of June just got away from me!