Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another awful day...

Tony asked me what happened today and this is what I had to say:

What happened?
Spencer was eating his lunch and I told him if he ate 2 more bites of chicken nuggets then we would watch the rest of the fishy movie. (Tony & Spencer started watching this documentary called Deep Blue Sea the other night and didn't finish it because Spencer kept yelling at Tony.) He finished his nuggets, meanwhile I fed Tatum. As soon as he was done he came over to the couch and he demanded fishy movie. I told him I needed to finish what I was doing first (I was deleting dumb shows off the Tivo that it had recorded). He yelled no at me. I told him he needed to stop telling me no all the time and that it made me sad. He told me no to that. I said if he told me no one more time he would get a timeout. He yelled no.

Time out began. Time: 12:57pm

He wouldn't sit in his chair and called me stupid.

Soap in the mouth.

I told him not to put his hand in his mouth and then in his eyes. He did it anyway.

Got soap in his eyes.

I stripped him down so his clothes wouldn't get all wet. I put him in the tub and started to rinse his eyes to get the soap out. (He's screaming and kicking the entire time mind you.) I put his pullup (now close to nap time) and clothes on and he's screaming about the pullup the entire time and has to be restrained on the floor to put his clothes on kicking and screaming. I put him back in time out.

Won't sit down.

I tell him to either get in time out or I will take a toy away. He won't get in time out. I proceed to take his toys out of the room and into our room one at a time each time telling him to sit in time out or I take another toy away. This proceeds for 20 minutes and still will not sit in time out even though I have taken pretty much all of his toys out of the room. I get the booster seat out of the garage and strap him in. He has a complete melt down and kicks & screams and spits and yells whilst trying to get out. That goes on for what seems like forever.

He is finally quiet and I go in and he has gotten out of the chair somehow and is standing by his bed. I say that's it, time for bed.

He won't go to bed.

Every time I leave the room he gets up, turns the light on and opens the door to come out. (Meanwhile Tatum is screaming her head off because she is so tired and Spencer's too loud for her to sleep). I put him back in bed about 15 times before I say, fine I will put you back in time out. He screams no and says he wants to sleep. He is still screaming when I leave him in his bed at about to try and calm Tatum down & get her back to sleep. Time: 2:30pm

He woke up at 3:30 (If he even slept) and told me everything that had happened in the calmest sweetest voice he has.

But on a positive note, I totally made this really cool sling yesterday and it only cost me $8!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Child for Sale!

For Sale: Spencer Zane Jones
  • Nearly 3 year old boy.
  • Blonde
  • Brown Eyes
  • Potty trained during the day
  • Says "no" to every question
  • Throws temper tantrums (including, but not limited to: screaming, biting, spitting, roaring, & snot coming from every orifice on his face) if he goes without a nap, you make him eat dinner, or in the middle of Target for no apparent reason
  • Spits
  • Hits
  • Calls you stupid when given a timeout
  • Knows his ABC's
  • Likes to watch "a little bit of toons."
Any interested parties should contact me directly and not my husband. He is apparently partial to this child and would like to keep him.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Cowboy up...

So I totally forgot that Tony's mom & step-dad got Tatum a cowboy hat and seeing as my babies have big heads, I thought it was a good idea to get pictures before it was too small. Not to mention Spencer has a cowboy had that Grandma & Grandpa Young got him as well.Take note of the little John Deere boots that Tatum's chubby legs barely fit into. Spencer had a wee pair of Justin boots himself when he wasn't much older than Tatum, not to mention his first pair of Wranglers. Tatum also has a pink pair of Wranglers she looks forward to growing into...Here are Spencer's 2nd pair of boots...And Spencer actually got an electric tractor for Christmas last year to match Grandpa's. But I couldn't find a photo of it, so here he is on Granpa's.Have you noticed a trend? ;) Good thing Mark & Bev don't know about the cowgirl section of onesies & jammies at Target right now. ;) ;)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Anniversary...

So Thursday Tony & I celebrated 4 years of marital bliss. It's funny to think back to when we got married. At the time, we had only dated for 10 months, and it was my longest running relationship. It's odd how when you find the person you're meant to be with, 4 years flies by compared to the 3 month relationships I had with all the wrong guys. One of only a handful of pictures we took during our pre-engagement 5 month dating period.This was the weekend we got engaged when we went down for my friends' wedding in GP. I knew at some point he wanted to ask my parents for my hand in marriage. He did so while I was out doing some prewedding video for my friends. When I got back I had asked him how it went while we were loading our laptops into the car to head to Dutch Bros to check our email. He simply responded, "you don't want to know." I was so upset. I was sure my mom had ruined it for me by saying no or something. But before I could say anything he was down on one knee proposing in my parents' driveway. It was so dark out I couldn't even see the ring. I responded with a giddy, "yeah!" and we headed back inside so we could share the news with my parents. This was during our post dating, now into engagement photos, which strangely enough, are few in count as well.This was right after our first kiss as husband & wife. I let out a big giggle.I don't have any photos from our 1st anniversary because I was about 7 months pregnant. We spent our anniversary over at the coast just as we did our honeymoon. At 2 years we had ourselves a one year old little boy, Spencer.
By three years we had been trying to add another baby to our family. And now at 4 years, we've added Baby Tatum. We are so very happy and I am so very grateful for all that God has blessed me with.
There have been happy times & sad times, braces & babies... But I would not change a thing. Everything we have experienced together has helped us grow as a family & and has brought Tony & I closer together. I love my Tony with everything I have and I can't wait to see what God has in store for our future.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

We go through phones like we go through cars...

So back in May Tatum projectile vomited all over my awesome LG V phone. It was a very sad day because I absolutely loved that phone. Soon after Tony and I both got the new Samsung Glyde from Verizon. We thought it was pretty cool, and it was for a few days. Within a couple weeks it started to go bad. VERY bad. It would call numbers you didn't dial or it would freeze and not let you do anything... SO, they replaced them free of charge with another Glyde. Within 2 weeks it was acting up yet again. I didn't touch any buttons and it went ahead and called my sister-in-law but didn't say it was calling. The voicemail picked up and I was so confused. I left a 4 minute message because I couldn't figure out how to hang up a phone that didn't say it was calling. So I called today to get yet another Glyde shipped to us to replace the miserable one that they gave me yet again. To my surprise, my persistence was rewarded with the ability to get a different phone! W00t! Tony & I are expecting our LG Dares in the mail by Wednesday. I guess I should have known not to stray from LG... Samsung is less than par.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

3 Months Already?

I seriously need to post a little more often than every month. Pathetic really... Tatum is now 3 months old and I took some pics of her & Spence... Where did those eyelashes come from? No clue... But the massive injury on Spencer's face was a result of playing one of his favorite games, "chase Daddy." Sad really, fell right into a basket I have beside the couch. And as opposed to taking him to get stitched or glued back together, Tony though a bandaid would do the trick. The next day I took him to a precautionary doctors visit to check the boo boo and the doc told Tony he should have taken him in and it was now too late to fix it. Sadness. Tony thinks chicks dig scars though, so we'll see. :)