Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Baby Connor

We went over to my bro's house last night after my sis-in-law and their newest edition came home from the hospital. Here's some footage of the newest & smallest McIntyre to ever be born...

Pig Mud

The other day we decided to paint Great Grandpa a picture for his birthday this coming Monday. Spencer's favorite thing to do is paint apparently. I wonder where he gets it? ;) He even concentrates so hard that he tends to stick his tongue out when he paints. It took him 45 minutes to complete this one painting. When all was said and done, he called his masterpiece "Pig Mud."

Wii Ski

So we busted out the wii fit the other day for the first time in a long time while some friends were over. Spencer really wanted to participate so I brought out my step aerobics board. One of his favorite events to do with Daddy was the Ski Jump...


A few weeks ago Spence, Tate & I went to this place in Corvallis that is just rad. It's like bounce castle mania. I totally forgot I got some video of Spence & his friends going down one of the big slides until I was going through my flip today... So here it is:

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Blog I found totally WORTH checking out!

So I just LOVE this blog called HisBoysCanSwim because it's absolutely hilarious. Didn't know I can randomly find something so cool. Just wanted to share with all my other mommy friends so they too can get in on the day to day hilarity.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Poor sick Tate

It has been a long couple of weeks. Poor Tatum ended up getting sick afterall. She has had bronchiolitis for about a week now and it is one of the saddest things to have to watch. She cries most of the day and she has lost her voice so it sounds even more pathetic than you can even imagine. She seems to be getting better though since she will actually go down for naps during the day. I cannot wait for her to feel better so we can get back to crawling boot camp. :) Spencer on the other hand is on the mend from yet another battle with pneumonia.

As for what else has happened... Turns out the people who made an offer on our house didn't want it that bad. But that's another post and another time when I am not in bed blogging from my iPhone instead of sleeping.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Things Have Been Crazy!

A lot has happened since last I posted. Spencer is officially a little boy. In 2 days he managed to get 2 different owies on his face. The bruise on his forehead is from doing jump circles and landing on a wire basket. The one on his cheek is a faint reminder of turning to run down the hall and running into the couch instead. Poor guy. And now he has pneumonia for the fifth time! Seriously? I took him into the doc on Friday and they said he was fine. Saturday his fever would not break and I knew something was wrong. I know it sounds crazy, but whenever he gets pneumonia he emits this kind of foul odor. So I took him to urgent care and low and behold... pneumonia!

Tate has managed to stay healthy, despite giving her big brother lots of big kisses.

Tate is officially 9 months old. She is turning out to have quite the sweet personality. She loves to talk. She can now say Mama, Dada, and bruh (brother). Saying Spencer is a little too hard for her. Even Spencer had a hard time with his own name. I think he went through pesser, pencer, sipter, senser before finally figuring it out.

She loves giving kisses (as you can see) and is perfectly content to sit and play or watch Spencer. Tatum usually falls asleep in the car if we go somewhere during naptime, but a couple weeks ago, as opposed to falling asleep, she was more content to watch Spencer sing. He cracks her up every time! It's nice that she finds him entertaining and he loves doing it. :)

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Photo Tag

I have been tagged by Jaime! Here are the rules-

1. Choose the fourth folder you store your pictures in on your computer

2. Select the fourth picture in the folder

3. Explain the picture

4. Tag four people to do the same.
So I have a mac computer and the filing system is a little different so I just went to my 4th event and then my 4th picture. This of course is our wedding. :)

And now I will tag Kellie, Susan, Heather & Jennie...

Pics of Mr. Tony

So Tony wanted me to take some pics of him for a professional blog. He had to run to a meeting so we had literally like 2 minutes. These 2 are my fave. He hasn't even seen them yet... still in his meeting. But I thought I'd let you all decide. What do you think? Toothy or Solemn?

Silly Putty Art

So Spencer got some silly putty in his stocking for Christmas. The other day we busted it out & I was feeling my old sculpty self come out. Here are a few of our sculptures before Spence accidentally mixed the green & red together to create an awesome shade of vomit.