Thursday, May 05, 2011

Holy snap my baby girl is 3.

3 years ago today I laid in bed wide awake. I laid there deathly afraid of what was to come the next morning. I knew tomorrow I would have a baby girl. You see, after the monstrosity that was baby Spencer, my doctor thought it might be best if I were induced in my subsequent pregnancies. So here I was, baby number 2... ready to be induced the next day... May 6th, 2008.
I won't lie. I was a ball of nerves. Spencer was such a hard baby that cried all the time, was sick all the time, a horrendous nurser, didn't sleep until he was one and when he finally did sleep he had night terrors and would wake up screaming. I was terrified of having another baby like that. Lord knows I MUST have REALLY wanted another baby after that debacle.

So there I was, in bed, completely awake with my thoughts, and fearful of the inevitable. This baby had to come out... tomorrow.

With your first baby, every thing is new, so the absolute horrific pain and terror that is natural birth is a lot more real the second time around. All I could think of was pain. Absolute pain. So that morning when I went in I knew without a doubt that this time Mama was getting herself an epidural!

So I got to the hospital, got hooked up to some pitocin and took it like a man... Until the doc decided to break my water, then I got me my epidural. And let me tell you... It was a night and day difference. Such a peaceful experience. I'd even go so far as to say it was blissful... in comparison to my previous experience.

So when it finally came time to push, what did I do? Completely freak out. Duh. Doesn't everyone? I was terrified. How was I going to take care of two babies?! I'd totally be outnumbered. And oh snap, if this baby was anything like the first, I just might die before she turned 1. BUT, just like my labor, just like my easy 4 minute delivery, my beautiful baby girl was EASY. Blissful really... The quietest, sweetest, sleepiest, most peaceful baby there ever was.
3 days old...
1 year
2 years old
And here she is, 3 years later...
A snarky, opinionated, beautiful little drama queen. And I wouldn't want it any other way... most days. :) Happy birthday to my Lumpty Shake-a-boo.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

I've found my calling in life...

It's true. Some people spend most of their lives trying to figure out what they really want to spend the rest of it doing and by the time they figure it out, they've neared the end of it. Not to brag or anything, but at the raw age of 28, I've totally figured it out. I was born to sculpt edible materials. Fondant & I go way back... We first met at Spencer's 1st birthday when I created an M&M cake for him.

We took a small break for a couple of years. We reunited when Tony requested a 1up cake for his birthday.

Feeling pretty confident in our relationship I made Spencer a Bumblebee (the transformer, not the insect) for his 3rd birthday.

I mad this Elmo cake for Tatum's 2nd birthday.

And now that Tatum is turning 3, I've felt some crazy urge to push our relationship further... It's like I'm in competition with my previous cakes. I know. I feel like I've lost my mind... but here it is... The Tangled tower.

I took some creative liberties, as any artist should, and altered some of it to my liking. I started a week early, on Saturday and moulded the rice treats (as Buddy prefers to call them). Sunday I carved them until they resembled something close to what I wanted the finished product to be.

Monday I conquered the top of the tower then continued on with the base on Tuesday.

I took a break on Wednesday and baked the actual cake on Thursday.

This morning, the day of my baby girl's birth, I decorated the cake and put the finished touches on the tower. And welp... Here it is... You be the judge.
The rock path in the back...
The other side...