Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Spencer's first day of Preschool...

I think I haven't posted this because I'm quite possibly in complete denial that my near 4 year old has a life outside of me.

Friday was his very first day of preschool and he was sooo ready for it. I dropped him off and he immediately ran off to make new friends. There was a handful of other kids crying and clinging to their parents and for some reason it made me feel a lot better. He was not being forced or coerced, he wanted it, he needed it. We both did.

My baby next to his backpack & hook!

Lining up to head inside

First one in the door, never even looked back.

While he was away, Tate & I hung out in a very quiet house. My stomach churned the entire time wondering what he was up to. We finally went to go pick him up and he was super excited to see us. It took a lot of questions to figure out what exactly had happened in school.

1-He apparently had yams for snack and had told the teacher he hated them.
2-He nearly got a time out for not listening to the teacher when she told him to put a toy away.
3-He made a friend named Braeden (Braeden had a blue shark on his shirt just like Spencer had a blue monster on his shirt... bonded them I guess).
4-He told Braeden that he knew 2 Braeden's, him and his cousin.
5-Braeden told him there was only one Braeden.
6-He learned about Adam & Eve and how they ate the smooshy fruit.
7-They cut out paper hands and he was too slow so he didn't get to finish and then yelled at me because I didn't have any child friendly scissors for him to "continue learning."

So yesterday I spoke with Teacher Kristy to figure out what exactly happened and found out...

1-They had crackers for snack (no yams)
2-He never got in trouble, or even close
3-He did absolutely wonderful

So it'll be interesting to see what stories he comes up with the rest of the school year. Yams. I was wondering who would bring yams for snack for 3 & 4 year olds!

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