Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Good Day...

From the moment she woke up at 7:30am Lucy has been a different baby. She's all smiles, so talkative and has been playing with her toes and trying to chew on every wire that she's hooked up to.

The doctors decided to stop feeding her through her tube to try and encourage her to nurse or take a bottle. All day, every 3 hours I've offered and she's given me the shaft. I have to say, it's extremely discouraging when every time I offer, I am rejected. Then I'll pump and offer a bottle and she'll just scream at it. So when she doesn't take the milk orally, they give it to her through the tube in her nose.

She's doing so well other than the eating issue though. So well that we're being moved downstairs to the general population! If only she would eat... Doctors say it's the only thing still keeping us here. So I keep praying that one of these times she'll decide she loves me again.
I just HAD to make her a new headband seeing as her IV kinked in the middle of the night and they had to cut her fashionable hospital grade one off.


alansherryjones said...

So happy LuLu looks great. Carrie you did a wonderful job on this site we are so lucky that you are so gifted. Lets all agree to pray that LuLu decides to nurse. Hugs and Kisses Gma Jones

Gen said...

yeah! this is the news we've been hoping and praying to hear! She's had a chunk of time to feel crappy so it may take her a chunk of time to believe in the boob again:) she's looking gorgeous and LOVE her accessories btw! :)

Crystal said...

C'mon little Lu! Eat baby eat! So glad she's looking more like her old self.