Sunday, March 06, 2011

Movin' on up...

It's official, I have my own website! I have been trying to sell my wares on Etsy for almost 2 years now... And after much thought and a bit of anxiety, I decided to go out on my own. My reasoning: Etsy charges a fee per listing, takes a cut and then paypal takes yet another percentage. AND if your listing doesn't sell within 3 months it expires and you have to pay the charge to relist. So... not much fun.

So here I am... Got me a name, got me a website, got me some goods.

It's called The Paisley Underground and I'm selling all sorts of funky accessories. It all started when my poor little bald Tatey was born and I wanted soft headbands for her noggin that wouldn't leave marks.
I soon realized I too wanted to rock the headband look and so I started making fabric rosette headbands.
Last November I decided to teach myself to crochet, and that lead to all sorts of funky head adornments, hats,
headwraps, crazy button headbands...
And my latest creation... seriously latest, as of 2 days ago, I started making these dainty little petal flower bobby pins.
Cool enough for mama to rock, but wee enough for my sweet baby girl Lu.

Tell your mama, tell your friends. You can check it all out at:


Crystal said...

I'll spread the word! And if you ever need a model..... :-)

courtney draper said...

You are the coolest mamma ever!!! I am amazed at your tallent. How do I order from you? I want some more headbands and a hat for the boys:) love you lots
~ court