Friday, June 14, 2013

I miss.

Drive thru coffee stands
Dutch Bros
Cash and Carry
Dry heat
My neighbors
Wine Wednesday
Laminate floors
Date night
My mom
My family
My church family
My friends
Fred Meyer
Mongolian Grill
A.T. Nails
Coffee dates
The French Press
The beach
Pine trees
Friday nights I had something better to do than this. 


Anonymous said...

I moved away from Oregon two and a half years ago. It's brutal being away from home but over time I've found things about my current location that I actually love and you will too. It gets easier. I promise.

Jen said...

Hey Carrie, After moving half-way across the country a couple of years ago, I've been really feeling for you in your last few posts. Oregon is an incredibly special place. I found that the hardest part was trying to read my new town without comparing it to my former oasis. I never did quite figure out how to do that before we moved again, but I've seen it happen and know it can be done. Stay strong, lady, you'll find your niche.

Carrie Jones said...

Anonymous... What took you away from Oregon?

Carrie Jones said...

Jen, you are so right. I find myself comparing Arkansas to Oregon in even the simplest ways. I am feeling more and more at home, but I know deep down that Oregon is where I came from and Oregon is my HOME home. How are you doing where you are at? Are you feeling more at home yet?

Anonymous said...

My husband got a different job within his company that paid better and was more in line with what his end goal is. We had less than a month to pack, get our house ready for renters and move 1200 miles away. It was INSANE to say the very least. Perhaps one of these days we'll be able to pack up and move west again but for now I'm grateful that I get to visit once a year. I'd probably go crazy if I wasn't able to.