Monday, May 05, 2008

Is this really happening?

Wow, it's been quite a while hasn't it? I've been on sort of a blogging hiatus. Lots has happened since last I posted... I suppose that is why a friend of mine suggested I start blogging again. I've got a lot on my mind right now and no outlet!

Tomorrow I will be going into the hospital to be induced. That's right, I'll be giving birth within the next 24 hours... And I'm freaking out!

A. This will be the very first time I will be away from my little man all day. Spencer has been my baby for 2 years, 6 months, 2 weeks & 2 days. I have never even left him over night! I know, sort of pathetic, but I've had no reason to leave him. And when I spend the night in the hospital, even though I KNOW he'll be fine, I won't be.

B. Have you ever given birth? If so, you know what awaits me. The pain, the agony, the head ripping through your you know what! It's lovely, really. And seeing as this time my doctor ahs chosen to induce (to avoid another 10+ pounder) there will be the devil there with me... His name, Pitocin! But alas, this time, hopefullly, there will be someone there to help... a nice guy named Epidural. Had I know I was going to have a crazy big baby, I would have invited him to my first birthing experience. But I've learned and he received an invitation months ago.

So anyway, please be praying & thinking of me tomorrow, as I bring another being into this world. And to all my friends & family, thank you for your support & love... Next time I see you, you'll be able to see little Tatum Eliza as well. Unless she comes out with a penis. Then you'll be meeting someone else entirely. ;)


Jennifer said...

You make me laugh, Carrie. I was induced because Aaron just didn't want to come out. I had heard the horror stories about Pitocin and was dreading it...but it went really (REALLY!) well. I got an epidural as well (I'd read your blog about having Spencer!!) but didn't need it for several hours. Just go with the flow...I'm sure everything will be great. I'll say a little prayer for you tomorrow! Congrats on your little girl! (Unless she has a penis...)

Jaime said...

I am SO excited you are back on here! :) And you have nothing to worry about tomorrow...well, maybe you do, you are pushing a baby out of your vagina...But, you are going to be FABULOUS at it! Plus I hear the epidural really is amazing!

That is the cutest picture of you and Spencer!!