Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Finally! A GOOD day!

Spencer woke up this morning just as Daddy was leaving for work at 7:50am. He went potty in the toilet and put on his "lighting mcqueen" underpants and got dressed without any fuss. We then ate some "panda bear" cereal," and watched "tigger & poo." Soon after, I took a shower and Spencer laid on our bed keeping Tatum company while she slept. Tatum woke up, I fed her and Spencer whispered quietly to me so as not to disturb her. We then got in the car, ran to the doctor's office. Spencer was a very brave boy while the doctor checked out his owie and afterwards we went to "the Target" to get his medicine. While we were there Spencer was such a good boy we went into the mall and walked around. He played in the toys at Ross and came with me when it was time to leave without any tantrum. He even told me when he had to go potty without any leakage. We came home & Spencer ate his lunch, watched the rest of his "fishy movie" that we hadn't last week because Spencer threw too many fits. I was so proud of him today! He went potty before bedtime, read a book and went right to sleep. I wish all days were this easy!


Stephanie said...

I'm so glad you had a good day! I'm Thinking about you!

Jaime Joynt said...

Yahoo for good days!! Way to make your mom happy, Spencer!