Saturday, September 06, 2008

Tatum is 4 months today!

So we had a small photo shoot for our 4 month old little girl, but we had a bit of trouble. You see, we've been putting her little puppy next to her to gage size and how much she's grown each month. But she kept wanting to eat it. We got a couple of good ones though, despite the urge for puppy's tasty goodness... :)
This one is my favorite because she's hugging the puppy. Too bad I was trying to get her to smile and didn't get her quite in the frame.
This is a perfect shot of what she was doing almost the entire time.
Check out those dimples!


Stephanie said...

She is absoultly positively gorgeous!

Beverly said...

She is amazing. Love her a ton!

Dominic said...

What a beautiful little chunk. Melinda thinks she's cute.