Monday, November 17, 2008

My little non-mover...

I find it entertaining how 2 children who came from the same mommy and daddy can be so different. Spencer has always been a terrible eater, as you all know, but Tatum is a big fan! So far she has eaten peaches, pears, green beans, yams & squash and LOVED it all! The result, a big bum bum. I was starting to feel like I might be neglecting to encourage her to crawl phase. At this age, Spencer was up on all fours rocking back and forth, or rolling from one side of the house to the other. He also loved to hold your hands and pull himself up to stand. Tate, on the contrary, is perfectly content to just sit and watch.
When I do give her some tummy time, half the time she'll push up on her hands and the other half she'll do superman pose with her hands and legs in the air balancing on her tummy.
Today I thought I might encourage her to figure out crawling by trying to put her on her hands and knees. However, I ran into a few problems. First, her pants were so tight (size 12 months but takes me about 5 minutes to squeeze her cute little fanny into them) that she had a hard time bending her legs. She has no problem bending her knees, it's the bending between hip and leg. There is so much junk in her trunk that her poor somewhat little legs have a hard time holding it up in the air. The result, I try and push her bum up from the bottom and she just holds on for dear life.

Needless, to say, we got a little frustrated after a matter of minutes and called it a day. ;)


susan said...

She looks so offended in that last pic. Hehe. It's a look I know well (especially lately).

meri said...

dude, try the baby legs. she will be able to bend that part of her leg, and still keep her knees from getting sore.