Saturday, November 29, 2008


So this year for Thanksgiving we trekked down to Vida, OR for some Turkey and fun with Tony's dad & step-mom. Spencer spent most of the evening upstairs in the play room.

Tatum was a princess for the day.
This is Tate meeting her step-cousin, Blaze, for the first time.
This is the closest we got to all kids smiling and looking in the same direction at the same time. Not easy.
By the time we had taken 10 million photos, Spencer had had enough. Both Blaze & Tatum kept touching him and he was quite irritated.


Jennie said...

Aww...poor Spence. That last pic is priceless. His poor little personal-space bubble was being invaded!! :) I LOVE Tatum's dress. What a doll.

joyntmadness said...

We bought that sweater for Thanksgiving also. Luckily he was able to wear it for the pictures, because for Thanksgiving he totally rejected it and wanted to wear his corded blazer instead! But, it is a cute have good taste... ;)