Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Gingerbread "Houses"

So every year around Christmastime, we get together with Tony's parents, Mark & Bev, and do a little holiday gingerbread house/train/sleigh decorating. This year was no exception. Spencer chose to decorate a choo choo train and chose lucky Grandpa Young to share it with. And seeing as I always insist on decorating by myself, Tony & Bev picked out Santa's sleigh to decorate and I was left with the only house. Spencer has no shirt on because he decorated a part of his gingerbread choo choo train and then proceeded to lean into it and get it all over his shirt.

Here is Tony & Bev's efforts... They both quit early stating they didn't know how they could possibly improve... aka, they had no idea how to help those poor reindeer. ;)

Here is Spencer & Mark's masterpiece...

Here is my little cottage: I tend to get a little anal. ;)

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susan said...

Nice! What a fun family activity. I love the icicles on your gingerhouse, btw :)