Saturday, May 16, 2009

Twitter... my new best friend

I was so upset that I had absolutely no control over my physical response. My body just started to shiver like I was cold. How odd. I wasn't cold. I was just so overwhelmed by my frustrations of the day that my body took it as a physical pain as opposed to an emotional one.

I needed an outlet. I couldn't just sit there shaking forever. So what did I do? I turned to Twitter.

I heart Twitter.

Before Twitter, all I had was Facebook, Myspace and a bunch of friends that often too close to the situation to tell my feelings to. I needed something more anonymous. I needed a journal, a blog... no I needed Twitter.

I use Twitter as an outlet. When I have something on my mind, I say it. The tweeps that I follow and follow me know that I'm not shy and I can tweet my opinion without offense being taken. That's what Twitter is to me. It's a way to bypass the BS and be real. Most of my followers are not people I know particularly well. They don't judge, nor do I. Sometimes they are more helpful, insightful, or understanding than I could ever imagine.

I heart my followers. They listen, they respond, they are wickedly cool.

If only real life was as honest as a Twitter conversation.

What do you use Twitter for? Networking? Business? An outlet?


Future Mama said...

I heart twitter too!! Hmm, I use it for an outlet. I have two accoutns.. one for my "real" self... talking about my life and news stories (for my work) and the other, more personal yet "anonymous" one which I use to vent, and talk about mom/baby amd blog stuff! :)

Carrie said...

How do you keep up with 2 accounts? I used to have 2... Well I technically still do, but it's so hard to log out and login to use the other that it is totally neglected now.