Friday, July 24, 2009

X Games 2021

For Spencer's 3rd birthday all he wanted was a skateboard. Of course one of his grandparents, who will remain nameless ;), got him one, but I had yet to let him try it out seeing as all I could invision was him biffing it and hurting himself badly... So yesterday he asked and I was like, okay, why the heck not? He's almost 4, he's had it for a nearly a year and I haven't so much as let him sit on it. I padded him up and let him get after it.

Turns out he was really effing good! He went back and forth on the sidewalk for 2 hours! I am so proud of my little skater. This was just the first video I shot, he got much better and could go about 15 feet...

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susan said...

Cute! Go Spence!