Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I know it's been a while, but I gotta tell you about our Fourth of July. See how I did that there, catch up/ketchup... you eat ketchup on your burgers/hot dogs on the 4th. Get it? Wow, that was dumb...

This 4th of July we went out to my parents' house in Stayton and BBQed. Good times had by all. The most momentous time was of course the lighting of the fireworks. The kids all loved it and thought it was hilarious that my brother Nathan stood by everytime with the house in hand "just in case," because at one point he LIT THE LAWN ON FIRE! Good thing he had his trusty hose!Even the babies had a good time. Some of the fireworks were a little loud, but for the most part they were fine.
When all of the regular fireworks were done the kids got to do sparklers!

They all had to stay within the confines of their block of cement so they wouldn't catch anybody else on fire. They did really well! When we were all done we all jumped in our cars and headed to the middle school to watch the big fireworks. We ended up spending the whole time coralling the children and trying to keep them from jumping out of my brother's truck. Perhaps they weren't quite old enough to be into the cool fireworks. Live and learn.

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