Tuesday, August 18, 2009


My freshman year of college I caught a toilet on fire and had to do community restitution in the paint shop. The very next year I started serving my punishment... After my unintentional attempt at arson, I started dating a guy who was part of a fraternity (we'll call him Big Red. Why not? My parents did). He was hilarious and had the greatest personality, but as soon as I started hanging out at said fraternity, I met a really cute guy (we'll call him Dimples) that I could not stop thinking about. Soon after, I dumped Big Red in hopes of striking up a romance with Dimples.

To my dismay, Dimples paid no attention to me. He was a senior and I was a lowly sophomore. He soon graduated and left me. But alas, one day I saw Dimples at the gym betwixt my sophomore & junior year. I struck up a conversation and left that day feeling hopeful that I would see him again. The next week I returned to the gym every day at the same time in hopes of seeing Dimples again, but to no avail. Sadness returned.

The next summer I lived in an apartment above a girl (we'll call her Hooch) who started dating Dimples. I was so excited to see him return but less than elated to see Hooch treat him like the Hooch that she was. One day I told Hooch how much I really liked Dimples. Turns out Hooch wasn't that into Dimples. She said that they were going out to see a movie that night and I should come along. I went along.

Soon after Hooch & Dimples broke up.

It wasn't until my senior year, when I had given up all hope of finding love and had resorted to dating a townie who lived with his brother and didn't have a job AND a 5th year senior who had no idea what he wanted to do with his life and spent most of his day with his friend the Bong, that Dimples returned to attend graduation school.

I was in the cafeteria and Dimples walked in. My heart went thud thud and he asked me for my MSN Messenger name...

5 months later we were engaged.
5 months later we were married.
5 months later I was preggers with his baby.

Happy 5 year Anniversary Tony! I married you for your dimples and your biceps but to NO surprise it's turned out to be so much more! I love you.

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Apothecary Inn said...

What's Dimples' version of this story??? *laughing*