Sunday, October 26, 2008

A lion & his Steak.
So I was a bit of a slacker this year when it comes to Halloween costumes. Spencer was a lion, again, and it took me forever to think of something for Tate to be. So at the last minute I took some fabric and sewed it on the back of a romper she already had. Tada! She was a steak for Spencer to eat! So yesterday we spent the morning downtown, Spencer clad in lion costume, Tatum as his slab of meat, Braeden as a pumpkin and Ryllie as Little Red Riding Hood. The kids had fun getting their candy and I got many confused faces when people looked at Tatum... But once I explained she was a steak and her brother was a lion, they laughed. By the end of the morning she had fallen asleep sucking her thumb.Later that evening we went over to Nathan & Sheri's house to eat pizza and carve pumpkins. Spencer wanted a Lightning McQueen one so I did my best seeing as the kids just ran around screaming in the back yard while Sheri & I carved. Here's my pumpkin... Tony opted not to carve his because he had picked a 35 pound pumpkin and would have had to dig out all the goo. He did, however, help dig out our pumpkins. :)


Courtney McHill said...

You are amazing and creative! Can we hang out again this week??? Please????

susan said...

So great :)

Dominic said...

Were you hungry that day? It seems everything centered around eating...Spencer and the Tatum-steak, your pumpkin...not sure if we should be disturbed or call Dad (you know, child services and all). Miss you and love you!

James said...

Those are awesome pumpkin designs. I wish I had those skills.

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