Monday, October 20, 2008

Punkin' Patch 2008!

So every year we take a trip to Bauman Farm in Gervais with my fam in search for the perfect pumpkins. This year was no exception. Our trip involves a walk through the "petting zoo" consisting of your usual farm animal variety: goats, pigs, chickens, & a pony every year.

Then we'll walk around tasting kettle corn, apples & wine (after washing our hands of course) then watch the apple cider get pressed. This year the cider pressed was not in action, but it didn't ruin our trip. Before heading over to pick out our pumpkins we got some tasty apple cider and donuts (Tony's favortie part of the trip) then we purchased our yearly bottle of Honeywood Holiday Cheer white table wine with cranberry juice, orange exract and cloves (my favorite part of the trip)! Sidenote: tastes very good warmed up!

We then headed over to the pumpkin patch. Last year it was super muddy so we were prepared with boots! But alas, no mud. One of the wheelburrows was so clean all the kids piled in so Uncle Nathan could push.

The kids loved picking out pumpkins and Spencer even found his own.

He's not a fan of dirt, so Daddy had to help him load it into the wheelburrow. Tate was perfectly content hanging out with mommy and Ryllie picking out ghords. Braeden just wanted to see if he could pick any of the monstrous size pumpkins up. Lots of photo ops. ;)

I think there's actually a family photo of the McIntyre's floating around somewhere where everyone is smiling AND looking at the camera!

By the end of the trip Ryllie was so over the picture taking!

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Jaime Joynt said...

As frustrated as I was about the cost, I really dont think we could find any place quite as cool! We have been going here since I found out I was pregnant with Taylor...lots of memories!! Looks like you guys had fun too...I love the picture of Riley (sp?) all mad. SO cute!