Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My little man is 3!

This is the only photo I have of Spence & I the day he was born. It's hard to remember back to when he was running around and talking up a storm. Just the other day he came up to me and put his coat down next to me and said, "Mommy, can you watch my coat for me, I have to go check on Daddy real quick. It'll only take a minute. Thanks." Such a little man.

It's funny how birthdays change as your kids get older. I remember Spencer's first birthday and how I felt. At the time, to me it was like the anniversary of the most awful pain I've ever experienced. I felt more like we should celebrate me and my triumph of giving birth to a ten pound 4 ounce child. Not to mention that Spencer wasn't too interested in the party. He was diagnosed with pneumonia 2 days earlier. Looking back, I feel terrible for still having the party anyway. He did not want anything to do with his chocolate cake - That should have been a sign to send everyone home. But he was a trooper. He loved opening all his presents.

At his second birthday, I was in the early stages of pregnancy with Tatum and had planned this little party with his friends in the morning. Too bad I got a appendage numbing, vomit induced, mentally confused migraine. Fortunately an awesome friend of mine took Spencer and the rest of the mommy's kids to her house. I was heartbroken that I wasn't there to sing to him and help him open presents. But he was a big talker even only at 2 and when he got home he told me all about blowing out the candle on his cupcake and the cool presents he had gotten from all of his friends. Not to mention, Tony got over there to help before picking up my prescription. But we did get to celebrate a couple days later with a pancake cake I had made him seeing as his favorite meal in the world is breakfast! Even when he wakes up from his naps, the first thing he asks for is breakfast in the middle of the day. :)

This year was by far the most fun birthday yet. Spencer had been asking about his birthday and if it had come up yet for weeks. We finally made a sticker chart so he could see exactly how many days until his birthday. When he saw his dinosaur cake for the first time that morning he was so excited he screeched, "I love it!" and then tried to give it a hug.

Spencer has had his ups and downs over the past 3 years, but despite the recent onset of tantrums, the daily battle over eating dinner, 3 cases of pneumonia, 4 cases of bronchiolitis, many sleepless nights, being pooped & puked on, he is the the sweetest, well mannered, loving boy I could have ever wished for.


Dominic said...

Cute...has it been three whole years already?

Jaime Joynt said...

I can not believe how big they are getting. Somehow Spencer will aways be that little 12 month old we met at the park... :)