Wednesday, August 06, 2008

3 Months Already?

I seriously need to post a little more often than every month. Pathetic really... Tatum is now 3 months old and I took some pics of her & Spence... Where did those eyelashes come from? No clue... But the massive injury on Spencer's face was a result of playing one of his favorite games, "chase Daddy." Sad really, fell right into a basket I have beside the couch. And as opposed to taking him to get stitched or glued back together, Tony though a bandaid would do the trick. The next day I took him to a precautionary doctors visit to check the boo boo and the doc told Tony he should have taken him in and it was now too late to fix it. Sadness. Tony thinks chicks dig scars though, so we'll see. :)


Stephanie said...

What beautiful babies you have!!!!

Court said...

Oh my goodness! Three months!! I want to see you and them and the scar! When? How bout like Monday morning? or Saturday sometime? Saturday morning at Sunnyside or something? Text or call...miss you!