Monday, April 20, 2009

Hawaiian Amendment

I think I speak for a lot of mothers out there when I say I'm not quite ready to leave my near one year old daughter over night.

I started planning this trip to Hawaii about a week ago when I found out I'll be getting the dreaded orthodontics again. Turns out it's really hard to plan a destination vacation in a relatively short period of time. Who knew? ;) So after a few days of internal and external debate, we have decided to take the children with us! Not exactly the honeymoon type vacation we were thinking of, but this way I won't be freaking out every time I see a couple with their kids. I won't be totally unable to relax and take in the experience. I won't be calling my mom every 5 minutes to check on my babies. We will make it work!

Not to mention I found this wickedly awesome deal that if we go by May 3rd the all inclusive resort we want to go to is 50% off. Sweet. So basically taking the children now vs. going later by ourselves is the same price. So now I'm nearly guilt free. Not guilty for leaving my babies. Not guilty for asking my mom to take time off work to watch them. Not guilty for spending more money! Win win win...

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Kerri Anne said...

Plus! you'll be making the awesome memory of your first family trip together, to the ever-rad Hawaii. Win-win.

(So! excited for you. xo)