Saturday, April 11, 2009

What ever happened to those Easter egg shrink wrap thing-a-ma-doodads?

I have never really been a fan of Easter egg dying. It's just messy and makes an absolute dreadful mess. My absolute favorite as a kid were those shrink wrap type deals that you put around your egg and dropped it into boiling water. So easy, so fast. Nearly non-existent clean up. What ever happened to those? They were the coolest. I assume there were too many lawsuits of burned children trying to shrink wrap their eggs?

Anyway, I was at the Target the other day, yes, I call it THE Target, way cooler that way. Anywho... saw there was this kit that you just sponge painted the eggs. Seemed way easier and I thought there was more room for creative freedom. So I paid the $1.99 and took it home. We busted it out tonight and let me tell ya, NOT easy OR clean. And since my 3 year old is a clean freak like his father he only wanted to paint each egg one color and within 5 minutes we were done.So here are Spencer's works of art. The one multicolored one is the only egg I could get Spencer to let me paint. I get the artistic itch sometimes and it's hard to let Spencer do his thing without going back through and "fixing" them. Is that bad?
When we were finished I took Spencer to the sink to wash his hands only to realize mine were the filthy ones. He didn't even have a spot on his! Ridiculousness. I am guessing I won't be the only mommy at church tomorrow with purplish bluish greenish pinkish yellow fingertips. Or at least I'm hoping.

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